So, if you are also wondering about the reasons of getting acne before periods then the answer is quite simple. Those damn hormones. That is why.

It is your hormones that continue to fluctuate across your menstrual cycle. Right before the period starts, it is the progesterone & estrogen levels that drop. This may trigger the sebaceous gland to secrete additional sebum, the oily substance that goes on to lubricate your skin. A little too much of it can result in jammed pores and breakouts.

Hormones may also increase skin infection and the production of acne-causing bacteria. These little hormonal fluctuations right before your period can also be liable for other entertaining period things, like moodiness, weird poop (aka PMS), and sore breasts. PMS is somehow also associated with prolonged stress, which might worsen your acne.

And it only keeps going

Unlike another PMS symptom, period-related acne does not always fade away once the period begins. You may blame the hormones as well for this.

Testosterone, the male’s hormone that all of us have in bodies regardless of the birth sex, impacts us individually depending on the level of our several other hormones.

When the hormone levels shift toward the edge of the period, testosterone may also trigger the sebaceous gland sensitivity. And again, the consequence is more clogged and sebum pores.

How to calm deep & painful breakouts

The pimple and cysts that sometimes come with your periods can be painful, but luckily there are a few things one can do to calm the pain.


  • Warm compress for about 10-15 minutes to relieve pain and help the pus draw out
  • Ice compress for about 5-10 minutes to relieve swelling and pain
  • Benzoyl peroxide that will kill the bacteria


How do you tame active breakout?

Acne related to period can be unusually stubborn.

So, here are a few other things one can do to get over breakouts:

  • Avoid those irritating products, like greasy sunscreens, oils, cosmetics, and concealers.
  • Protect the skin from friction
  • Limit the exposure to Ultra Violet rays
  • Wash the face after any activity that causes you to sweat.

Well, having pimples before periods is not much of an issue as it is a process that occurs due to several hormonal fluctuations. Just keep your calm, and you will get over.