Hair coloring is the process of dyeing the hair for better aesthetics. The coloring is generally done to add an extra hue to the whole makeover. But the common problem that arises amongst the people who dyed their hair is the fading away of the colors after a certain period. According to the normal human hair growth cycle, the hair grows every four to five weeks, leaving the roots exposed that is devoid of the artificial dye present in the rest part of the hair strand. This is the same period in which the colors of the dye start fading. Though it is not possible to stop hair color from fading completely, the fading process’s intensity and speed can be reduced to a great extent by taking proper care. Following are the few steps that can be taken for maintaining color hair:

Steps to maintain hair color

Sufficient processing time- The salon you dye your hair must ensure that sufficient time is given for the dye to enter the hair’s pores for its long life. Grey hair generally requires more processing time.

Not exposing to hard water- Hard water has components that are harmful to your hair in general. It also leads to easy fading of the dye.

Safe grooming techniques -The staying techniques like straightening, curling, etc. should be done with effective precautions like heat protectants.

dyeing the hairChoosing darker hair dyeing colors- Darker colors tend to fade less and stays more compared to lighter shades.

Right shampoo selection- The shampoo you use after dying should have fewer sulfate contents for a longer stay of the dye.

Avoiding hot shower- Hot showers are known for opening up the hair pores where the dye molecules are trapped, leading to the dye’s speedy fading.

Decreasing exposure to direct sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight fades off the dye color. Try using scarfs or headgear when out in the sun for a longer duration. You can follow these steps to keep hair from fading.