Thin hair is becoming a problem amongst the populations, and we can all thank pollution and our unhealthy lifestyles for it.

But you don’t need to worry because here’s a fast way to get volume hair.

How to make thin hair voluminous?

  • Haircut- This may sound like the opposite of volume, but it’s not. You need to cut your hair in a style that creates the illusion of volume and fuller hair. Moreover, a haircut removes the dead and damaged hair, which gives it a chance to grow back healthy and thicker.


  • Color- If you have thin hair, your hairstylist has probably already told you to get color; and you possibly thought that it’s a way to extract money for you. Well, it’s not; adding touches of color to your hair creates dimension, which gives an illusion of thickness and volume.
  • Setting spray- This may not be efficient as a permanent solution but works as a substitute to add the illusion of volume to your hair. As the name suggests, a setting spray holds up the hair and makes it look denser and thicker.
  • Curl- You can get permanent or temporary curls, but they are sure a way to get some volume. When getting locks, it’s best to get suggestions from your stylist. Ensure that the curls you get are not tight ringlets but are soft waves and natural so that they make your hair appear fuller.
  • Messy- Instead of donning on a sleek updo, get a messy but polished updo. It will create a more viscid hair look instead of emphasizing that your hair is thin. However, you need to ensure that the messy hair looks like it’s gotten done on purpose instead of looking like you got hit by a severe wind.

These five techniques are the easiest ways of getting hair more volume, and you can do them at home by yourself or take the help of a hairstylist.