Everyone at some point in time experience receding hairline in their life. This happens due to a pulling force that affects your hair. The term specifically used for this condition is called traction alopecia. It is caused by wearing your hair in a particular way (braids, ponytails, buns etc) for a long time.

Frequently parting on the same side can cause a recession in that area due to the weight of your hair. So, it becomes really important to change your parting from time to time. Change it to the opposite sides or towards the middle to help your hair grow back, there are a few ways to get a nice hairline.


Ginger oil and castor oil can help your hair grow back. Castor oil can be applied on your eyelashes and eyebrows as well. you can also try various hair serum to improve the thickness of your hair. It aids the growth of hair at a cellular level with natural ingredients. Apply it in the hair receding areas.

Also, try laser hair growth treatment. Hair masks are also helpful to supplement the oils. Be consistent with your hair care to get the expected results and getting a nice hairline.

Hair Loss Prevention

The thickness of your hair and the pace which it grows is determined by genetics. But there are things which we can do to maximize the potential of the hair and improve the circumstances that are causing hair to recede.

Maximize Hair Growth and Minimise the Loss

To prevent receding hairlines and aid growth

  • hair growthKeep the scalp well-balanced – if its dry use natural oils of castor, coconut or jujube. For oily hair use shampoos that best suit your hair.
  • Stimulate the scalp- massage your hair with your fingertips or use a scalp massager to stimulate the blood flow in the hair follicles.
  • Get all hair-boosting nutrients into your system by choosing a proper diet with all the essential vitamins, fatty acids, MSM’s and biotin
  • protect your hair from heat damages- Excessive styling using blow dryers and flat irons can damage your hair. Use a heat protecting serum for the heat and make it lustrous.
  • Avoid excessive washing- Washing your hair too often can ruin the pH level that is maintained by the oils and lead to hair fall.

These are some of the ways of having a perfect hairline and control hair loss. Hair loss can also happen due to excessive stress. This can only be controlled by oneself. The falls at the first phase of your hair growth is quite natural.