You must have heard of eyelash extensions. But do you know clearly what is it and its proper use? Let us know that first before going further!

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes which are attached to your natural lashes with the help of glue. They help your natural lashes look more big, dense and prominent. These extensions usually last anywhere between six to eight weeks. Despite several rumors around, these aren’t harmful to your natural lashes. It takes a very rough and wrong usage of them to cause damage (if any). So you can undoubtedly use them to accentuate your beauty!

Now, one must learn to maintain the eyelash extensions. Problems often arise especially during bathing. However, with proper precautions, these problems can be easily avoided.

Ways to shower with eyelash extensions

Before we come to know about ways to shower with eyelash extensions, let us bust some myths related to it.

  • Extensions will get damaged by water – This misconception has been around since quite a long time. If the extensions are of good quality and are waterproof, there is nothing to worry. Just make sure to give at least 8 hours to let the adhesive dry.
  • They will look different after getting wet – Nothing as such will happen. Just like your natural lashes, they will dry automatically and still stay the same.
  • Lashes might fall off – This is very unlikely, bathing with eyelash extension to happen. If you have given proper time for the adhesive to dry out, the extensions won’t fall off. So, just relax and enjoy your bath!

After taking care of all the misconceptions, you should know what to do to keep them clean. Even after showering, the eyelashes might not be clean properly. You can use an eye makeup remover or an eyelash cleaning face wash. Avoid strong shower jets from falling on them.

Washing Face with eyelash extension:

Follow these steps in order to indulge in the proper way of washing face with eyelash extension

  • semi-permanent lashesAvoid rubbing your face (especially your eyes) during a shower. This will produce friction, which might damage the extensions. The less you mess with your extensions, the longer they will last.
  • Avoid using oil-based cosmetics on the face. Special precaution should be taken for the eye makeup you are using. Such cosmetics weakens the adhesive and reduces the durability of your eyelashes.

If one follows, the above-mentioned precautions, they are good to go!

Make the entire world fall for your beautiful eyes!